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Get the Harvey Specter Haircut

Get the Harvey Specter Haircut

Suits you, sir! When he’s not busy laying down the law, Harvey is capable of being the charmer, the persuasive, playful, confident guy which make him a hit with both the clientele and the women. Read on for expert advice from the best barbers in NYC on how to achieve the Harvey Specter Haircut.

Our favorite quote from Harvey is:

“When I got here, I dominated. They thought I worked 100 hours a day. Now, no matter what time I get in, nobody questions my ability to get the job done.”

That’s a real bossy statement right there. If you forget the fact that he is a fictional character, Harvey is that guy all of us strive to be in certain aspects. That doesn’t mean we want to be an exact replica of him but it’s fair to say there are attributes and elements of his character which induce a little envy. One of the things the fairer sex love about Mr Specter is his appearance and his hair is the pinnacle of that masterpiece – it’s so prominent that it even has its own Facebook page!

Harvey Specter Haircut

To arrive at his hairstyle, you will need to get the right amount of length on top to create some height on that pompadour. Speak to you barber and make sure he takes your sides down to a short length but not buzz-cut. Remember you will need to create a hard parting so the length on top needs to compliment the sides in a contrasting sort of way – it’s a wonderful, juxtaposed type of cut which looks fantastic when it is executed expertly. A master barber like those who man the chairs at our luxury barbershop in Manhattan will be the best executioner for this excellent style.

What Product To Use

Next comes the actual look once the cut is perfect. To obtain the shine and strong hold style, you’ll need a pomade. Our luxury pomade is designed mainly for thicker hair but it is great for getting that slick Specter look with the impressive side parting to match. When you get home with your new Harvey Specter haircut, you can make sure it is maintained with a few simple steps. Firstly, after showering and shampooing in lukewarm water, dry the hair gently and lightly with a towel.

Warm up the pomade in your hand and run it through your hair from the roots lifting upwards and then use a dryer to get more volume. Comb gently in an upward direction during this process and then manoeuvre it to help define the side parting. What do you mean that didn’t sound simple? Of course, anything sounds complex until you’ve done it once and then it becomes almost involuntary.

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Visit the Best Barbershop in New York to get the Harvey Specter Haircut

So our fellow New Yorkers, you can find us in the best barbershop in NYC ready and waiting to deliver you an amazing cut coupled with helpful advice and consultation to keep you looking awesome all the time. As with any style of hair, it must be properly produced in the first place in order to maintain it – to do this you need to find a good barbershop in New York.

Pall Mall Barbers certainly fits that criteria as our barbers are all experienced and experts in traditional barbering in New York City but equally equipped to magic up the modern styles and techniques. Harvey might be clean-shaven but you might like to carry a stubble or a beard to accompany the new look so don’t forget we are the beard specialists in Midtown, don’t look anywhere else for getting your beard grooming in Manhattan – get your head right and head over to Pall Mall Barbers in the Rockefeller Centre.