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Men’s Hair Products: The Ultimate Buying Guide – How to Choose men’s Hair Products

Men’s Hair Products: The Ultimate Buying Guide – How to Choose men’s Hair Products

The saying “your hair is your best accessory” rings true in all situations.

While you can put on a great outfit, it takes a suitable hairstyle to complete your look on both casual and formal occasions. So, a good hairstyle is important if you want to look stylish and presentable wherever you go. It also makes you feel more confident! Besides going to the best barber in town for a grooming session regularly, it’s important that you adopt suitable men’s hair products to keep your hair in shape. But, a lot of us feel confused when it comes to selecting a hair product because there are so many options. They come in different names, textures, ingredients, and flavours to leave anyone complicated! Add to that, you also have to consider the type and texture of your hair – thick hair, thin hair, wavy hair, curly hair, or thin hair.

Are you wondering what men’s hair products should I use?

In this guide, we are going to talk about popular men’s hair care products, so you can pick one that complements and enhances your hair’s look. Whether you wish to go for an invisible style or impressive statement, our product guide has got your needs covered. We have also recommended the best men’s hair products for you.

How Do I Find the Right Hair Product for Me?

The key to finding the best men’s hair products for you is to consider the level of shine and hold it offers. So, before we dive into the world of men’s hair products, let us explain what these two words mean. Most of the products are differentiated based on “hold” and “shine,” so knowing them will help you determine what to buy easily. “Hold” refers to the ability of the product to hold your hair stiffly in place. For example, if your hair is still flexible after application, the product offers a soft hold. If it’s stiff, it’s a high hold. “Shine” refers to the appearance of the hair after applying the product. It can range from low to high depending on whether the product offers a matte/minimal shine or super-slick shine.

Men’s Hair Products

What Type of Men’s Hair Product Should I Use?


If you are looking for an all-rounder for men’s hair products, we recommend you select a high-quality paste. It is very versatile, allowing you to explore a variety of hairstyle options. In this sense, a paste can be used to style your hair appropriately on casual, formal, and festive occasions! You can adjust your hair to look well-groomed and neat or ruffled and sexy, depending on how you prefer it to be! In addition to this super-flexibility, paste can also enhance the volume of your hair. So, it’s a great option for people with thin hair. Thicker than pomade, pastes usually fall into the medium category of shine and hold, offering the right balance. However, there are pastes with a matte texture as well if you need the shine to be minimal as possible. As they are water-soluble, it’s easier to wash them out as well.


Our Picks: Best Paste for Men – Flexible Shine Paste by Pall Mall Barbers

If you are looking for a premium paste for men that offer a slick look, consider the Flexible Shine Paste by Pall Mall Barbers. It’s an amazing product that works wonders on all types of hair, regardless of the length and volume. You can easily separate your hair and try different looks with this paste, as the texture is really easy to work with. If you feel like you need to opt for a different look halfway through, don’t worry. As the paste isn’t stiff, you can re-work your hair as you like at any time. You can get the desired level of shine with the right amount of application.

Workable Paste by Pall Mall Barbers

Getting that out-of-the-bed look isn’t cut out only for models anymore as the Workable Paste by Pall Mall Barbers lets you rock that look easily! This premium paste has a toned-down shine and a very flexible hold. It gives a very natural look to your hair. It won’t leave your hair clumpy, making it easy to adjust your style on-the-go or whenever you like. You can rework and reshape until you achieve the desired look. It’s also easily washable.

Pompadour Paste by Pall Mall Barbers

This flexible fibre gum paste is for anyone looking for best men’s hair products with a firm hold. It’s best if you want to retain the same look throughout the day. Although it has a more solid texture, it’s easy to use. Pompadour Paste by Pall Mall Barbers is suitable for all types of hair, even short hair that needs a little touch-up. It will enhance the texture and natural shine of your hair. The unique formula in the product allows for easy separation as well.

How to apply: Paste can come in different consistencies. If it’s thick, rub it on your palms for sometime before applying. Otherwise, you can quickly work it on your hands and apply it from roots to tips. Applying paste on damp hair gives a bold and natural look. When it comes to paste, little goes a long way, so apply sparingly. But using more will provide a better hold.


If you want to go for a slick look, but want to avoid the stiffness of gel, pomade is an excellent choice. It’s a formula of wax and oil that provides a shiny and wet look for your hair. Although pomade suits all types of hair, it’s best to style long, thick, or unruly hair that’s difficult to tackle. As pomade offers a medium hold, your hair will be flexible to adjust throughout the day. However, we wouldn’t recommend pomade for thin hair as it can make your hair look limp.


There arMen’s Hair Productse two varieties of pomade in the market. The oil-based pomade offers a better hold but can be difficult to wash out. Water-based pomade offers a softer hold, but it’s very easy to wash out.

Our Pick: Best Pomade for Men – Pomade by Pall Mall Barbers

Are you struggling to pick between oil-based and water-based pomade? We have a solution!

This luxury Pomade by Pall Mall Barbers is specially formulated with the pros and cons of both in mind. Whether you are looking for a suitable product for thick hair or want to opt for a classic slick-back style, this pomade will be your best companion. It offers a strong hold but ample flexibility to style the hair as you wish. With this pomade, handling bad-behaved hair is a breeze!

Although the Pomade by Pall Mall Barbers is oil-based, it’s easy to wash it out at the end of the day. In addition to its excellent texture, the pomade also has a masculine scent.

How to apply: Take a small amount of pomade and warm it up by rubbing your palms. Then, start applying little by little until it’s evenly applied throughout your hair. Once done, you can comb and style your hair and use more if necessary.


Do you want to keep your hairstyle in place throughout the day? Then, clay is what you should go for. As the name implies, clay is a thicker, firmer, and stickier hairstyling product when compared to other options like pomade. But, there are varieties with a softer hold as well. Clay comes in low-shine or matte textures – perfect for a subdued and attractive look!

Clay gets absorbed easily, making your hair look fuller. So, if you are looking for men’s hair products that offer more volume without feeling the weight, clay is perfect. What’s amazing about men’s hair clay is that it nourishes your hair with its natural ingredients in addition to styling it!

Our Pick: Best Clay for Men – Pliable Clay by Pall Mall Barbers

Wondering what men’s hair products should I use for an effortlessly stylish look? The Pliable Clay is a smooth and flexible clay product that can enhance the volume of your hair for a daunting look. It’s perfect for short or thin hair that can use some help to appear better. It is firm enough to keep your hair in place but flexible enough to rework as well.  Our high-quality Pliable Clay leaves no residue and provides a luxurious definition for your locks. You would definitely love the light feel and soft smell of this clay. Don’t be taken aback by its consistency because you can wash it off easily whenever you like.

How to apply: Take some to your hand and warm it up by rubbing your palms together. Apply evenly and let it get absorbed before you begin to style. A small amount should be sufficient.


If you are looking for a moisturizing hair styling product, light dressing cream is the best choice. It has a light shine and light hold, so your hair won’t feel stiff after use. You also get a naturally shining look and ample flexibility to redo your hairstyle. If you have frizzy or coarse hair that’s difficult to handle or curly hair that needs enhancement, the cream is a good choice.

Due to its moisturizing ability, the cream is often used as a base/pre-styling product. Most creams are water-based, so they won’t irritate your scalp either.

Our Pick: Best Cream for Men – Light Dressing Cream by Pall Mall Barbers

You will love the light and creamy feel of this product on your hair. It absorbs very quickly and helps you manage your hair easily regardless of the length. Work on your favourite hairstyle with this cream and wash it out without a hassle when you feel like it. The medium hold can keep your hair intact really well. You can even use it as a no-frill conditioner to keep your dry hair looking nourished and lustrous!

How to apply: Take a small amount to your fingers and run through your hair until it is applied evenly. Using too much cream can make your hair appear greasy.


In our opinion, sea salt spray is one of the best men’s hair products in the market. Many love it because it gives the exact texture, volume, and definition of beach hair. It’s a no-fuss, easy-to-use product that comes in handy if you don’t want to invest a lot of time styling your hair. As it does a fabulous job in enhancing the volume of hair in look and feel, it’s a life-saver for people battling with thin and damaged hair. You can use it in a variety of ways. By applying the spray alone, you can achieve a messy or wavy look – like you just hit the beach! However, you can also use it along with other men’s hair products to provide a finishing touch for your hairstyle. Use it as a pre-styling product to make your hair more manageable.

Our Pick: Best Sea Salt Spray – Sea Salt Spray by Pall Mall Barbers

If you want to enjoy the best benefits of an oh-so-good sea salt spray, get your hands on this product. Infused with many nourishing ingredients, including sea salt, this spray by Pall Mall Barbers is a game-changer. It’s ideal for all kinds of hair – best for men sporting long hair. It provides a soft hold, making your hair look more natural. We don’t recommend you use it regularly, as salt can absorb moisture from your hair. After all, who can say no to the effortlessly perfect look of beach hair!

How to apply: Apply to the roots and lengths of damp or dry hair. Use your hands to apply it evenly. If you need a well-defined look, you can spray it all over and style your hair using a hairdryer and/or pomade afterward.

TEXTURE ENHANCER by Pall Mall Barbers

If you are hunting for the best men’s hair products that are specifically designed to enhance the texture and volume of hair, consider the search over. This unique product by Pall Mall Barbers gives your hair an instant plush appeal. It’s a favourite among our clients who have short hair and need a product that makes their hair appeal voluminous for special occasions. It has a natural shine and medium hold to give you a minimal yet very masculine look. The texture enhancer comes in a paste form for easy application and can be washed out quickly.

How to apply: Take a small amount and apply on dry or damp hair. Shape your hair as necessary.


There are a lot more men’s hair products in the market. But, if you are just starting out to explore hairstyling products, these are the best choices. You can select one that suits you depending on the texture and length of your hair or have multiple products for different occasions. If you aren’t sure, get samples of our best men’s hair products when you visit Pall Mall Barbers again and try them first.