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Looking for the best barbers Birmingham?

Looking for the best barbers Birmingham?

Best Barbers Birmingham

We’ve become one of the best barbers Birmingham has to offer. Our barbershop near Broad Street is one of many in our collection. We’ve grown thanks to the loyalty of the gentlemen who frequently visit our locations and our Birmingham barbers are no exception. Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham has achieved an amazing 5 out of 5 stars rating on Google after receiving nearly 100 reviews in just a few months. One of the recent ones reads: “A great barber is hard to find! I am a regular here for both my hair and beard. Great service every time from Ed, and the lovely front of house team. I will miss the attention to detail and personal touch when I move out of the area… Highly recommended. Good value for money.”

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Reviews like that are reasons why we are your perfect partner for helping you to look and feel good a few times a month. One of the key differences is that we offer treatments and experience rather than just a service. We don’t want to get you in and get you out as fast as possible; each gentleman who graces our Birmingham barbershop deserves to have all the attention he requires. Our master craftsmen are the elite of the industry and they love building relationships so you’ll feel right at home here at our premium barbershop at the Mailbox.

Why take anybody’s word for it? It’s well worth the visit. So, if you’re searching ‘Barbers near Mailbox’, ‘Barbershop Broad Street’, ‘Barbers in Birmingham City Centre’, ‘Barbershop near Jewellery Quarter’– there’s the only one you need to head to and that’s Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham. We guarantee you’ll be coming back for more.

Where is Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham?

Visit us at level 1 at the Mailbox shopping centre.

Book online or call us on 0121 794 1693.

Stop searching for the best barbers in Birmingham City

Thousands of guys just like you spend their time searching for barbers in Birmingham they can rely on. You don’t want to rock up to your hairdresser and leave disappointed – there isn’t a lower blow than that for a man. What if there was a barbershop in Birmingham which was established, experienced and had the skills to keep you looking sharp for years to come? It sounds too good to be true but it is a reality thanks to our newest shop – Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham.
How do you differentiate between the average Birmingham barbers and the elite? We break it down using the following criteria (this will save you time):

1. Experience and Expertise
Our haircutting heritage stretches back to 1896. We’ve grown from 1 single store to multiple across the capital and even a sparkling ambassador of a shop in the States. Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham is the latest edition. The expansion has come from expertise and experience creating massive loyalty among gentlemen who want barbers they can trust and a barbershop they feel comfortable in. It sounds simple but it’s taken a lot of effort and time to create the brand we have today.

2. Do your barbers in Birmingham care?
When you walk in are you greeted like a member of the family? When you are sat in the hot seat, are you consulted before the cutting commences? We believe strongly that a barber ought to be the architect and artist. This means they will offer advice, suggestions, and tips about your ideal look according to your face shape and size. They will help you maintain your desired appearance and recommend particular products to keep you looking your sharpest even when you can’t make it into our barbershop in Birmingham City Centre. This is one key element which separates Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham from the rest.

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3. Style and Skill

Whether it’s beard trimming and shaving or a new hairstyle you’re after – put your head in hands you can trust here at Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham. We’re masters of classic wet shaves and traditional treatments while being industry leaders when it comes to the latest styles. We’ve blended vintage with modern and mixed in our personality to give our experience that essential human touch. There are many Birmingham barbershops but none of them will make you feel as welcome as we do without overstepping the mark into annoyance.

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A Man Walks Into a Barbershop…

There’s no punchline but there is something funny about the barbers Birmingham City has in its vicinity, and the way you feel when you enter them. If you’ve ever searched ‘Barber near me’ or ‘Barbershop near me’, you’ll be familiar with the results and they may all appear somewhat similar despite their attempts to stand out. Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham was established in order to put to rest the question ‘which is the best barber Birmingham has to offer?’ and to stop gentlemen like you from ever having to search ‘men’s haircuts near Mailbox or ‘barbers near me’. When you do that, you’ve got the strenuous task of trying to understand which Birmingham barbershop is best for you. Then you make your way to the place, nervous about the quality, anxious about the outcome and what should be a treat has become troublesome.

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Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham takes the hard work out of haircuts by giving you a trusted, established, excellence-guaranteed grooming choice. Our heritage in the hair business stretches back to 1896 which means there have been gentlemen in our shops getting their hair cut for over 120 years! We’ve grown to multiple stores, including one that’s overseas. Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham is one of our most popular because the in-store experience is so supremely superior to other Birmingham barbers. We’re doing great things and we want to do great things for you; whether it’s beards and shaving or haircuts and hairstyles, we’re the place you need to be.

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Best Men’s Barbers Birmingham City Centre | Men’s Barber ShopPall Mall Barbers at Mailbox Birmingham has been a roaring success since we arrived here in the second city. We’ve accumulated amazing reviews from locals who are experiencing a level of grooming excellence unparalleled to anything they’d tried before. There is a 5-star rating on Google for our Birmingham barber shop and for this, we’d like to thank all the wonderful gents who have been frequenting our salon for their fix of fantastic barbering services.

Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham Location

Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham Address: Level 1, 6 Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 1RD

You’ll find our Birmingham Barber Shop located at The Mailbox near Birmingham City Center –  just a short walk from Birmingham New Street.

Nearest Metro Stations

  • Grand Central Metro Station
  • Town Hall
  • Library

Nearest Train Stations

  • Birmingham New Street
  • Five Ways
  • Birmingham Moor Street

Book an appointment with our awesome Birmingham team, this can be done via our Website Booking System or by using the free PMB app (available on iOS and Android). Alternatively, call the shop and speak to one of our friendly team members, who will be delighted to make a booking for you.

What makes us the best barbers Birmingham has ever had?

A trawl through London’s archives will help you discover that the Pall Mall Birgminhham,  brand can trace its heritage of hairdressing way back to 1896. We’ve been serving the city’s gentlemen with exquisite services for almost 125 years and we’re not stopping any time soon – you can expect us to treat you with the best men’s haircuts Central London has ever seen. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve expanded city-wide, nation-wide and worldwide. One of our best-loved locations is this one and it’s one of our favourites too – the grand architecture of the district, the esteemed gentlemen who pass through and the relaxed lifestyle are all a perfect match for us. As our experts, they are dedicated to treating you to a special experience each time you enter our store, simply search for Barber Birmingham – Barber shop Birmingham.

Skin Fade With Haircut | Pall Mall Barbers | best Barbers London

Having such a fantastic history means we are constantly working to ensure that our legacy remains intact. We aren’t stopping in terms of evolving the way we operate, we will always innovate and try to find new ways to impress and add value to our customers’ in-store and after-care experience. However, there are some traditional elements which are enshrined in our story and are here to stay. One of those things can absolutely be found in our store and it is our classic wet shave. Besides the products becoming more premium and the razors being a superior quality, the way in which we deliver this treatment is with tradition in mind. Everything we do at our salon must provide you, the customer, with the best experience – that’s why we take time with our services and ensure you’re enjoying it. We feel that an experience at a men’s hairdressers should be therapeutic and an escape from the often overwhelming outside world. We care a lot about mental health issues and have even been recognised by the Duke of Cambridge for our work on the matter, so it’s paramount that we treat the gentlemen who enter the best barber  Best barbers near me r barber shop near me has ever had as best as we can, allowing them to relax. Why drown your sorrows and celebrate your accomplishments in a bar when you can do it in the sophisticated company of a legendary barber shop. As our experts, they are dedicated to treating you to a special experience each time you enter our store, simply search for Barbers Birmingham City Centre – Barber Shop Birmingham.

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Hair – Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham – Best Barbers Birmingham

Hair Cuts - Paddington Barber Shop | Pall Mall Barbers Paddington | Paddington Barber ShopGentleman, never underestimate the importance of a haircut

Whether you’re looking for something new or just want a better version of your ‘usual’, getting your hair cut and styled is a big deal. It’s going to have an impact on how you feel, how you’re perceived and it’s something we take seriously. Hair is our art and craft, it’s our science and business too – this means when you enter our place to experience the best men’s haircut Birmingham has to offer, you can rest assured that you’re coming into a place where your head is in safe, experienced hands. We’ll discuss your desired look, offer some advice and then execute the perfect cut and style!

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Beard Styling – Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham– Best Barbers Birmingham

Facial hair needs styling too! Getting your beard trimmed, shaped and sharpened is a great way to add definition and character to your appearance. With steady, experienced hands and a keen eye for style, our store is staffed with experts who can design your beard like an artist creating a masterpiece.

Best Barber shop Paddington Central

Shaving – Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham – Best Barbers Birmingham

As mentioned, the classic wet shave is one of our star services because we’ve been doing it for so long and refined it to perfection. Nothing beats the feel of our luxurious foam and the refreshing swipe of our sharpened blades, as they groom your face to perfection. You’ll feel rejuvenated, reenergised and ready to roll!

Beard Shave - Paddington Barber Shop | Pall Mall Barbers Paddington | Paddington Barber Shop
Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham – Barber Shop Near Me best barbers near me,  gives men the confidence to succeed and achieve their goals in their stride. You’re always welcome in for a chat but booking an appointment is advised because we’re so popular. I guess that’s what comes with being the provider of the best men’s haircuts Birmingham has ever had! Bravado aside, we’d love it if you came in, experienced our treatments, and gave us your feedback. Hearing and reading about your opinions of our services are great ways for us to grow as a hairdressing family – Birmingham  Barber Shop – and an excellent way for us to provide you with an even more polished experience next time! We care about building a community. The team in our Birmingham  Barber Shop enjoys having fun, social relationships with the gents who they have the pleasure and privilege of serving. When you visit us, don’t be shy to have a chat and really discuss your appearance goals in detail if you want to – it’s what we’re here for! Find Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham here: Level 1, 6 Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 1RD

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Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham Location

Pall Mall Barbers Birmingham Address: Level 1, 6 Wharfside St, Birmingham B1 1RD