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All You Need to Know About Beard Oil

All You Need to Know About Beard Oil

Many men are quick to neglect their facial hair, thinking it doesn’t need as much care and attention as your head hair deserves – like a great haircut from the best barber Notting Hill. But, how many times have you turned to look at a by-passer with a well-maintained beard? How many times did you ogle at the screen at the sight of lavish and impeccably-masculine beards of your favourite TV stars?

So, dear gentlemen, a good beard can be everything regardless of the style you opt for. But, if you need to sport a handsome beard – be it a stubble or grizzly beard, you need the help from a good Mayfair barber and you also need to take care of it. What if we say that we, as the best barbers Marylebone know the right magic potion that can transform your dull beard into a nourished and envious one? Although beard oil has become a recent hot topic, it has a long-standing popularity among barbers West London. In fact, beard oils were readily used during the Victorian era.

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At first thought, beard oil might not seem like a mandatory accessory for your grooming routine, but you will surely realize its amazing benefits after you read the views of our barbers Marylebone. In this guide, we will walk you through the basics of beard oil, why you need it, how it should be applied, and our barbers White City recommendation on the best beard oil for you!

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a potent blend of essential oils and carrier oils that are proven to be effective in conditioning and hydrating your beard. Some of the common ingredients found in beard oils by Mayfair barbers are jojoba oil, vitamin E, almond oil, argan oil, castor oil, and grape seed oil which are vital elements in nourishing facial hair. Jojoba oil is perhaps the most popular component found in beard oils because of its ability to moisturize and soften hair while stimulating growth. Our barbers Kilburn always recommend it to customers.

In addition, beard oils can also consist of other essential oils, like clove, and sandalwood, to produce a pleasant and fresh smell. So, it’s important to pay attention to these ingredients to determine the potency of the fragrance. Best barbers in London assure you that beard oils don’t make your beard feel oily as they absorb very well into the skin. Plus, they come in handy bottles to fit your pocket perfectly! All in all, beard oils are primarily designed to make your beard look very alluring. So, if you are struggling to keep your messy beard in shape or need your wispy beard to gain more shape, beard oil is your godsend solution, in addition to your best Mayfair barber!

Why Should I Use Beard Oil?

The benefits of beard oil are manifold, and you would be surprised to know the wonders a good beard oil bottle can do! But, according to barbers West London, here are the specific roles beard oil plays in improving the look and feel of your beard.

  • Beard oil nourishes your beard

In its very essence, beard oil is designed to condition your beard with its rich ingredients. Our barbers Marylebone explain how it can make your beard feel voluminous, soft, healthy, and a bit shiny. If you are struggling with a dry, wiry, and unhealthy-looking beard, this is the answer.

  • Bear oil may promote the growth of facial hair

Although not backed by adequate scientific studies, some claim that beard oil does promote growth. In fact, some brands promote beard oils containing specific ingredients for hair growth like argan or castor oil. If your facial hair growth is stunted and scanty, our barbers Kilburn say that you could always give this a try.

  • Beard oil moisturizes your scalp

The rewards of using beard oil are not only limited to revitalizing facial hair, as per the opinion of our barbers White City. It also hydrates your skin underneath and prevents it from being dry. Your skin would feel better and softer after use. It also helps in combating excess sebum production that makes your skin oily. Double wins!

  • Beard oil keeps beard-druff away

Men with long beards are more likely to ensure the trauma of itchy and flaky skin. We have had many customers complain to our barbers Marylebone about it. The nasty reason behind it is beard dandruff! Does this mean your long beard has to go? Absolutely not. Using beard oil regularly will keep your beard in a healthy state, leaving no room for dandruff.

However, if the situation is worse, you would want to seek the advice of your trusted barber Notting Hill and adopt an exfoliating routine.

  • Beard oil helps you to tame your beard

Your lush beard might be your note of pride, but unruly flyaway strands can greatly diminish its macho appeal. Beard oil is our expert Mayfair barbers advice to keep your facial hair tamed, groomed, and neat. It’s handy for men with medium to long beards.

  • Beard oil makes your beard look and smell oh-so-good!

Finally, let’s not forget the therapeutic and pleasant smell of the essential oils in the little bottle! Selecting good beard oil by a reputed Mayfair barber can help your facial hair atone a good smell throughout the day. So, while your beard looks shiny and healthy, it will also emanate a seductive fragrance.

Do I Actually Need to Use Beard Oil?

We, as expert barbers Marylebone know that growing a handsome beard takes time and effort. Following a good beard grooming routine is important with regular visits to the best barber Notting Hill in your town. But, if you want to maintain its good look consistently, it’s important to use the right products as well. Only the right efforts bring rewards! You may have assigned beard oils for those with long locks that need constant and thorough grooming.

But, our barbers West London say, it’s far from the case. Beard oil is great for every man – with a beard, of course. Barbers White City, as experts in the hair care industry, endorse it as an essential product. If your beard is longer than ½ inch or more, a splash of oil as a part of your grooming session aside from visiting to the Mayfair barber can go a long way. It gives a shine and healthy look to the beard, which anyone is bound to love. But, if you only maintain a simple stubble, you can go without the oil. Many substitute the use of beard oil with a moisturizer but adding a drop of beard oil to it can provide some shine to the beard as per our barbers Notting Hill.

Do Beard Oils Work?

Our best barbers Kilburn say yes! Beard oils are not a commercial scam that lures you to use more products in your beard grooming routine. They include hair-revitalizing natural ingredients that are friendly to your skin. They don’t strip the natural oils off your skin like products with harsh chemicals. However, according to Paddington barber, natural ingredients can also be allergenic, and it’s important that you test the oil and see if it works out for you.

As beard oil doesn’t leave a residue, expert barbers White City say it’s a better option compared to ordinary lotions or creams. It’s formulated to be highly absorbent with a non-greasy texture. So, your beard would look sleek and stylish but without the trace of the product used!

As experts in the skin and hair care industry and the best barbers Marylebone, we also like to emphasize the importance of selecting the best men’s beard oil by a good Mayfair barber. The market is oozing with countless brands promoting beard oils with a variety of ingredients, and choosing the wrong one can easily cause a disaster. We, as barbers Kilburn, recommend you purchase from a trusted brand that’s reputed for quality and safe products. More importantly, look for the ingredients in it.

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Which Beard Oil is the Best?

Finally, as reputed barbers White City, we are ready to answer the million-dollar question. In a pool of choices, how do you pick a beard oil brand that delivers the expected results?

Beard oils that contain natural ingredients are the best because they won’t be harsh on your skin or facial fuzz. If you read silicone, sulfates, parabens, or other similar chemicals in the ingredient list, it’s best to avoid them. They may work well at first but will leave your skin and hair damaged at the end.   Take the advice of your best barber Notting Hill.

Next, buy your beard oil from a company or brand or best barber in London reputed for its quality products. Make sure you read reviews and check for ratings before you buy as well. After all, you don’t want to ruin the beard you have grown with so much effort!

Looking for the best men’s beard oil by barbers West London that hits all the right notes? Then, you should consider the iconic Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil by Pall Mall Barbers London.

Here’s what you should know about it.

The Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil by Pall Mall Barbers Paddington is not your ordinary beard oil. It’s your secret to sport your favourite beard in perfect shape and style.

As an exclusive and luxurious product especially formulated by our highly experienced team of barbers London, the beard oil delivers exactly what men desire; a healthy-looking and attractive beard.

It is crafted with powerful natural ingredients that are famed for revitalizing, nourishing, and hydrating facial hair. The combination of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E will ensure your beard and skin beneath are looked after with care. Our barbers Marylebone say it’s perfect for gentlemen who need an ointment to tackle dry, brittle, or patchy facial hair. But that’s not it.

Using beard oil will also prevent the infamous itching that haunts you when the newly trimmed beard grows back. It soothes the skin and prevents beard dandruff.

The beard oil by Pall Mall Barbers White City is further enhanced with its fragrant-inducing ingredients like sandalwood, clove, and cypress. It leaves a subtle yet fresh and spicy smell lingering in your beard throughout the day. The beard oil is suitable for all kinds of beards, and a couple of drops can go a long way. Take the advice of your best Paddington barber and apply it regularly to get a sleek and polished look!

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At Pall Mall Barbers Kilburn, we focus on addressing issues that men face, whether it’s itchy and scaly skin or undernourished beard. Our beard oil was formulated keeping all that in mind, so you have a potent solution. We can assure you that our Sandalwood and Clove Beard Oil is the only beard oil you will ever need in life. Don’t forget to ask your best Paddington barber about it!

How to Use Beard Oil?

Our barbers West London say the best time to apply beard oil is right after a shower when your facial hair is fresh and clean. However, make sure your beard is dried completely before applying. Any moisture will prevent absorption, making it less effective.

Now, although the application is by no means a complicated matter, here are a few tips by barbers Kilburn to keep in mind. Facial hair is usually thicker than head hair, and therefore it’s important to apply the oil thoroughly without overdoing it.

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The amount of oil depends on the thickness and length of your beard. But, your Paddington barber’s advice is to start less because you can always add more. So, pour 2-3 drops into your palm and rub your hands to warm the oil a bit. Then apply to the beard, ensuring it’s distributed evenly. Continue massaging upwards and downwards so that it reaches the skin underneath, and every hair follicle receives its share.

Once done, smoothen your beard and groom it using a beard brush or comb. The frequency of use, according to our barbers Kilburn depends on the condition of your beard. Is it flaky, dry, itchy, or brittle? Then, you need to consider applying beard oil as an everyday ritual. If you encounter no such issues and want to use beard oil as a touch of nourishment and shine to your facial hair, every other day or twice a week should be enough. Before you adopt a routine, our barbers White City advise starting off with regular intervals to check how your beard is getting along with its new friend.

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Do I Need to Shampoo and Condition My Beard?

Your barber Notting Hill will educate you on the importance of cleansing and exfoliating your beard to avoid beard dandruff. For this purpose, men with short beards can use a facial cleanser. If you have a long or thick beard, our barbers West London say it’s best to use a shampoo and conditioner. There are specific beard shampoos designed for men in the market. You can either choose one of them or go with your regular shampoo – as long as it’s not very strong.

It’s advised by barbers White City to check for ingredients first, as harsh chemicals can leave your beard looking frizzy and untamed. One important aspect to remember is to clean thoroughly, ensuring your beard is washed properly, leaving no residue of shampoo or conditioner behind. However, shampooing regularly can take away the natural oils in the hair follicles, making your facial hair dry. So, our London barbers’ recommendation is to wash it thoroughly once or a couple of times a week. You can follow up with a moisturizer and/or beard oil to prevent it from becoming dry.

Have more burning questions about beard oil? Don’t worry. You can always contact our team of barbers West London and get your doubts clarified easily. We at Pall Mall Barbers Kilburn are always delighted to educate you on essential hair care products!

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